Protect, divide and secure with CORNIX® partitions!

Height, width, depth, etc. Reorganise your space with partitions and effortlessly create new spaces! Panels or sheets for separating the different parts of your warehouse, office or business can have many uses: protecting against industrial accidents, separating workstations, improving sound insulation, protecting against the elements, etc.

CORNIX® offers two large ranges of partitions: one is intended for industrial settings and the other is ideal for redesigning the layout of your offices. Each partition is made from high-quality materials and, as a result, is very durable. Additionally, our advisors also analyse your needs and your profile, before helping you to find the most appropriate solution.

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Cornix, votre fabricant belge de cloisons industrielles grillagées

Our two partition systems

Check out our different partitions! They adapt to your space and expectations. The height, width and, in some cases, even the depth of the walls can be adjusted. Our products also come with a varied selection of accessories, such as doors, double-glazed walls, etc.

Cornix et CorMesh, c'est une large gamme de cloisons industrielles grillagées

industrial mesh partition, steel sheet partitions
and plexiglass partitions

Cornix vous propose sa large gamme de cloisons en plexi

Office partitions

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Do you want to redesign the interior layout of your office with new walls? Or ensure your employees’ safety by integrating anti-collapse grids into your pallet racking? Or improve the protection of your storage area for bad weather? Request a quote. Our advisors are here to help you find the perfect solution.

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