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Sale of Storage systems

The CORNIX® group has been selling various top-quality storage systems since 1958. Over time, we have expanded our range; today, we offer a comprehensive range of storage solutions. As a result, we can advise you on the best system for your needs, regardless of your industry or the items that you are looking to store (heavy load, long products, archives, pallets, etc.).

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Measurements and production

Our technical sales representatives will guide you throughout the process, from design to production. Before manufacturing your storage solution, a team visits the site to analyse your needs and verify the measurements and sizes.

This working procedure is a real boon for your company: how many times have you bought an excellent product that you struggled to turn into a workable solution because it was not perfectly adapted to your needs?

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Assembly and installation

The safety of your installation is key. For this reason, we offer an assembly and installation service. You will benefit from a secure and effective assembly, performed by a team of professional installers who know the product top to bottom. This is an additional guarantee for you and your team!

Work regulations for some assemblies (those above man height and/or involve parts that are too heavy) require the use of forklifts and scissor lifts. In such cases, you may either provide our teams with the approved equipment, rent them yourselves or allow us to take care of this on your behalf.

Inspection and repairs

Despite the quality of our products and how careful you are, handling errors can occur. What’s more, they can cause significant damage to your installation, which in turn leads to safety hazards for your employees and damage to your products.

In many European companies, an annual inspection of your installation by the storage system manufacturer is required. For installations that are subject to intensive use, an inspection is required every six months. Furthermore, the owner is required to perform a visual inspection of the installation on a regular basis, in order to find visible damage and repair it.

To this end, CORNIX® offers to perform an inspection at an affordable price: after an on-site inspection by one or two inspectors, you will receive a report that lists any damage and provides you with a list of parts that need to be replaced.

Keeping your installation in good condition will:

  • allow you to work safely
  • extend the life of your installation
  • improve performance
  • eliminate problems
  • reduce maintenance costs

Sound good? Request an inspection or a quote for spare parts, renovation, modifications, improvements or the replacement of damaged parts.

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Rent a rack

Short-term needs for pallet racking ?
A fire caused an urgent storage need, your business is expanding and you or in urgent need of extra storage space awaiting your building permit, you just have temporary seasonal storage needs, or you simply don’t want to burden your balance sheets with temporary investments ?
Obviously when you need extra pallet racking or storage capacity it does not always make sense to buy additional pallet racking, especially if your requirements are unpredictable or short term.

Instead, why not contract hire racking from CORNIX ?

We will deliver and install pallet racking to your specifications and when the hire period is over and you no longer require the pallet racking, we will just take it away.
Therefore, you will not be left with a space that you cannot use, or additional pallet racking that you no longer need and which you cannot get rid of at an acceptable price.

In addition, because you are hiring and not buying, there is no capital investment involved, just a weekly operational cost.

This cost includes racking installation, racking maintenance, and the full support of our in-house CAD service to produce accurate and concise layouts.

This means we can use the latest technology to devise efficient floor layouts to solve all of your short or long term pallet racking and warehouse storage needs.

features :

  • Hire terms from 4 weeks to 5 years.
  • Hire cost will include all delivery and installation/dismantling and collection costs.
  • Fixed price for the duration of your contract.
  • Quick and hassle free and avoiding a need to request capital within the business.
  • Your balance sheet will look better.
  • Available in the Benelux.
  • We only use pallet racking from our own manufacturing in order to guarantee the best quality.

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