Your needs

Check out our selection of products and find the best storage system and shelving for you!

Cornix, votre fournisseur pour vos racks à palettes


We specialise in pallet racking and provide a selection of top-quality bespoke systems. Check them out.

Cornix, votre fournisseur belge des rayonnages pour charges légères

Light duty storage
and small items

CORNIX® also offers shelving systems and longspan shelving systems for storing small, lighter-weight items (archives, spare parts, tools, tyres, etc.).

Cornix, votre spécialiste pour stocker des charges lourdes et longues ou des marchandises aux dimensions irrégulières

Storage of long loads
and special formats

Do you need to store long or bulky products? Our industrial storage solutions satisfy all your needs.

Cornix, votre spécialiste dans la fourniture et la pose de plateformes industrielles

Storage of large products

Are you running low on floor space for storage? Check out our industrial mezzanines and double or triple your space quickly and efficiently.

Cornix vous propose sa large gamme de cloisons en plexi


Protect, divide and secure your warehouse with our various partition systems. Whether you need industrial partitions or partitions for your offices, we’ve got it.

Cornix vous propose ses équipements de magasin

Shops, showrooms,
archives and offices

We offer a selection of storage systems and high-quality complementary equipment to equip your shops, showrooms, archives and offices.