MiniRack Plus®: longspan shelving, vertical storage, drum storage

Are you looking to store bulkier products?

MiniRack Plus® is CORNIX®’s longspan shelving system. It is particularly eye-catching and perfect for mid-weight and bulkier loads. It has numerous uses: storing tyres, exhaust pipes, windshields, garments, etc. It can also be combined with other storage solutions, such as mezzanines, multi-tier installations, mini-loads, dynamic storage systems, etc.

Product features:

  • Multiple heights possible, thanks to multi-tier installations (up to 4 levels)
  • 1200 to 2700 mm spans, 50 mm pitch
  • Up to 1000 kg per level
  • Various colours available
  • A range of accessories to customise your solution
  • Different configurations available: vertical storage system, workbench and packing table, etc.
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Reduce your storage area with vertical storage!

Are you a carpenter, plumber or wholesaler of construction materials? Do you need storage that focuses on height rather than width? Discover our range of vertical storage systems.

Product features:

  • Available in three heights
  • Choice between single or double-sided
  • Storage space with adaptable bay width
  • Fixed to the ground
  • Two types of divider available
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Bespoke drum storage!

Optimise your space and store your oil drums and other chemical products in a clean and efficient manner with the MiniRack Plus®.

Product features:

  • Storage of 50 or 200 L drums
  • Easy assembly
  • Galvanised collecting bin to collect any leaks and protect the environment
  • Fixed drum supports
  • 4-ton ladder capacity
  • Various options