Our guarantee

Storage systems that last a lifetime: that’s our motto!

Your safety, and the safety of your employees, is essential. CORNIX® has always prided itself on offering high-quality storage systems that meet the highest possible standards. Our mission? To provide reliable products that will last a lifetime and ensure the safety of everyone concerned.

We know that accidents in our sector can sometimes have catastrophic consequences. Whether it is light duty storage systems, pallet storage or industrial storage, we go the extra mile to ensure the stability and durability of our products and prevent accidents as much as possible.

Cornix, votre fournisseur pour vos racks à palettes en hauteur

What we do to ensure your safety

Since the reliability of our storage systems is a priority, these are some of the things that our company is doing to ensure your safety:

A thoughtful, quality-focused design

We consider quality and ease of use right from the design stage for our products. For example, the Cornix Plus®, MiniRack Plus® and TraviDrive® systems use uprights that are designed to ensure error-free assembly: they are fully reversible.

For products with mechanical requirements that do not permit reversibility, such as pallet racking, we provide clear and detailed assembly instructions, which can be downloaded from our website free of charge. It is also always possible to use our installation service.

Systems that comply with safety standards

All of our systems comply with FEM specifications (European Materials Handling Federation). Since your safety is a real priority, we also implement additional safety tolerances to reduce the risk of an accident.

Regular testing and return of damaged parts

In the interest of transparency, we have put together a separate brochure containing all of the practical information regarding technical testing and features, which you can consult or download directly online. If problems arise, you can also return your damaged parts to us. They will be recycled, thus contributing to the preservation of our beautiful planet.

Naturally, quality like this comes with the price to match. However, the safety guarantee and durability that is on offer more than makes up for the extra expense. If you handle our products carefully, and use them only as intended, they actually will last a lifetime.

Look for the CORNIX® logo and request our quality certificate

To help you distinguish between the many copies – which are often of poorer quality – on the European market, all of our products, as well as those of REDIRACK®, come with the CORNIX® logo. Check if this logo is present or request the CORNIX® quality certificate. We are happy to provide it free of charge. If you have any questions, please contact us: accidents can be fatal!

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