Our storage and shelving products

Do you need a storage system that is adapted to your products? CORNIX® offers a selection of high-quality storage systems that ensure your safety and the safety of your employees.

Cornix, votre fournisseur belge de racks à palettes


Do you store pallets? Optimise your storage space with our bespoke solutions and various accessories.

Cornix, votre fournisseur belge de rayonnages en hauteur

Light duty storage
and small items

Are you looking for a light duty or longspan shelving solution? Our storage systems make it possible to store many different items, depending on your needs.

Cornix vous propose des solutions de rayonnages adaptées à votre industrie et à ses produits

Storage of long loads
and special formats

We offer various solutions for storing your long and bulky products. Horizontal and vertical storage, coil storage, garment storage, etc. Check out all of our systems.

Cornix, votre fournisseur belge de rayonnages pour produits volumineux

Storage of large products

Are you lacking storage space? Our solution: create a mezzanine platform to double or triple your floor space!

Cornix, votre fabricant belge de cloisons industrielles grillagées


Industrial mesh partitions, steel sheet partitions and plexiglass partitions, as well as office partitions with melamine walls – we can protect, secure and reorganise your space.

Cornix, votre fournisseur belge de rayonnages sur mesure pour vos archives

Shops, showrooms,
archives and offices

Shelving, archive storage systems, shop shelving and accessories, or even office furniture. Kit yourself out with the best products.


We are a family-run SME that puts the client first every step of the way. We believe that building a relationship of trust with your company is key.


Naturally, we ensure the quality of our products, but also the quality of our services. Your safety is our number one concern.


We are flexible and creative in adapting our standard solutions to your needs.

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