CORNIX® through the years: establishment and development

CORNIX® is a family-run SME that was founded in 1958. It specialises in the manufacturing and sale of industrial storage systems. Our expertise, which has been acquired over many years, allows us to offer exceptional products that are made entirely in Belgium.

We want to evolve with the times and are always reinventing ourselves, in order to offer you innovative solutions that ensure your safety and the safety of your employees. The bolted systems of the 50s are no more; today, we only produce one slotted-angle model for fans. Storage needs have changed since then and we have changed with them.

To this end, our teams support you in finding a solution that is fully adapted to your needs. They visit you on-site and analyse, measure and install your storage systems and shelving safely.

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Cornix, votre fournisseur belge de racks à palettes

CORNIX® today: a wide range of diverse products

Today, CORNIX® manufactures several boltless storage systems that can be assembled very quickly:  Cornix Plus® shelving system, MiniRack Plus® longspan shelving , RediRack® and TraviRack® pallet racking, cantilevers and any products that stem from this range (drive-in, mezzanines, multi-tier installations, vertical storage systems, drum storage systems, mobile storage systems, workbenches, office furniture, etc.).

In addition to manufacturing, we also sell a wide range of products that complement storage installations, shops and offices:

  • industrial partitions and office partitions
  • a comprehensive range of plastic bins
  • archive and office equipment
  • storage systems and accessories for shops, boutiques, etc.
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The core values of our company


We are a family-run SME that puts the client first every step of the way. We believe that building a relationship of trust with your company is key.


Naturally, we ensure the quality of our products, but also the quality of our services. Your safety is our number one concern.


We are flexible and creative in adapting our standard solutions to your needs.

The CORNIX® group: a meteoric rise

Cornix, votre spécialiste du rangement et du stockage à Nivelles

Taking over
TRAVHYDRO® Storage Systems

The CORNIX® group purchased TRAVHYDRO® Storage Systems on 9 February 2009. Our industrial storage systems are now complemented by heavy duty storage systems from TRAVHYDRO® Storage. These systems have been fully integrated into our CORNIX® range, thus ensuring continuity of deliveries to TRAVHYDRO® clients.

Cornix, redirack, votre fournisseur belge

Taking over

Did you know? The founder of CORNIX® once worked for Dexion-REDIRACK®. Therefore, we were delighted to add REDIRACK®, the oldest producer of storage systems, to our group on 24 March 2011. Its range of pallet racking and warehouse construction systems is now produced entirely by CORNIX®. However, REDIRACK® still exists!

Cornix, spécialiste en rayonnage et système de stockage équipe vos bureaux et show-rooms

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TRAVHYDRO® and REDIRACK® boast an extensive network of resellers outside Belgium. As a result, foreign markets are managed by the export department at our Nivelles site. Our international clients are therefore able to purchase the CORNIX® ( & TRAVHYDRO®) and REDIRACK® ranges from these distributors. Conversely, the Netherlands are served directly by our Dutch subsidiary.