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Site survey


Despite the quality of our products and the care for them, handling errors can cause significant damage to the security of your personal and your products.

In many European countries a yearly site survey by the storage systems manufacturer is now compulsory. In case of intensive use (e.g. 24 hour operations) a 6 monthly check up can even be imposed. On top of that the owner should check regularly his installation visually and of course make the necessary repairs if required.

That's why CORNIX® now proposes an site survey at low cost : after a check up on site (by 1 or 2 surveyors) we will supply a damage report and a list of the materials that have to be replaced. .

Maintaining your installation in perfect working order will

• increase the life of your system

• improve performance

• eliminate problems

• reduce maintenance costs

• reduce security risks

Request a site survey or visit our website to look for an answer to your technical questions and ask for a quote for damaged parts, renovation, alteration, or improvements to your installation. 

Survey request


03/06/2019 Launching C-Rack® HC30 pallet racking : up to 28000 kg frame load !

06/02/2019 CORNIX Plus Light : a new basic shelving system.

15/08/2017 CORNIX launches Rent-a-Rack : CORNIX’s contract hire service.

03/04/2015 Launching C-Rack® HC25 pallet racking : up to 24500 kg frame load !

24/03/2011 REDIRACK joins the CORNIX group.

09/02/2009 TRAVHYDRO STORAGE SYSTEMS is acquired by the CORNIX group.

Second-hand market

Our OK MARKET is available for deliveries in Belgium only and is therefore not available in English. However you can always consult the Dutch or French version. (Click on the appropriate language). If you have a specific request for second hand materials you can always mail us at


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